CareLinx is here to help you hire a caregiver! Below is an overview of the steps you will need to take in order to hire your loved one's next caregiver.

  1. Post a Job: The first step is creating a detailed and thorough job post. 
  2. Browse: You can then browse for caregivers nearby. You can set a distance to narrow your results. 
  3. Message: If you find any caregivers you are interested in, send them a message to schedule an interview. 
  4. Interview: You can schedule phone interviews and in-person interviews to learn more about the caregivers you are interested in and find the right one for your family. You can schedule interviews with as many caregivers as you need to in order to find the right one for your family. 
  5. Hire a Caregiver: Once you have found a caregiver that fits your family's needs, you can hire the caregiver with a click of a button. 

The caregiver will need to be officially hired through the CareLinx website. You will be paying the caregiver directly via direct deposit using a credit or debit card!

ℹ️  If you are still having trouble or have any other questions, please send us an email at with a detailed description of your issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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