CareLinx is proud to host one of the most seamless payroll processes within the entire caregiving industry. With the use of our state-of-the-art technology, families find our payroll system not only safe, but just as easy to use too!

Payroll Process

1) Caregiver creates & submits a timesheet.

We'll automatically create an employer invoice for each submitted timesheet. Each timesheet will include their work hours for each pay period.

💡 Tip: CareLinx allows you to establish how frequent your caregiver gets paid. Speak with your caregiver on how often timesheets should be submitted.

2) Review the invoice under 'Pending Invoices.'

You have up to two days to accept or reject an invoice, otherwise it will automatically process.

3) After approval, the transaction goes through.

Caregiver should receive their funds within 2-5 business days after approval.

** Testing the Payroll Process **

After you've officially hired, and your caregiver has completed their first shift, it's a standard practice for you to approve a timesheet to make your first caregiver payment. This will allow you to get familiar with our payroll setup, and will help us ensure that your caregiver will receive accurate payments on time in the future.

Timesheets & Invoices

Caregivers must create & submit a timesheet in order for a future invoice to be manifested. You can later download all of your paid invoices for your records.

You can download each invoice once you click on the invoice # highlighted in blue found under 'Payments' → 'Financial Activity. You may then select the 🖨 icon or go to 'File' → 'Print...' to print your records.

CareLinx provides a comprehensive and clear invoice from your caregiver once he or she provided the home care services and submitted their timesheet. Your invoice is sent to you via email in a PDF attachment. It can also be found on your manage Care Team page under your caregiver, as well as the Payments page. It will display:

  • Summary cover page

  • Employee earnings

  • Employee tax deductions and expenses

  • Payroll taxes

  • Care activities

  • Payment details

Want to see an example?

How to review an invoice:

1) Go to 'Payments' and look under 'Pending Invoices'
(Click on the invoice number in order to review the invoice)

2) Review the Invoice

  • If the invoice looks correct, click 'PAY' and the caregiver will be paid using the debit or credit card that you have on file.

  • If the invoice looks incorrect, click 'REJECT'. You will then have to type in the reason why you are rejecting the invoice. Type in the reason why you are rejecting it and how they should correct it and then click 'REJECT INVOICE'.

    (Once they correct it you can review the updated invoice and select 'PAY')

Payment Methods

  • Paying your caregiver is secure through CareLinx. Caregivers can only be paid via direct deposit by adding your bank account info or a debit/credit card.

  • In some cases, we may be able to accept Long-Term-Care Insurance (LTC). Please check your policy, or contact your insurance carrier to confirm that your specific policy covers "private in-home care" before hiring a caregiver.

  • We unfortunately do no accept Medicare/Medicaid, or any third-party payment sources

You can easily add or remove your payment method through these simple steps:

Step 1: Click on Account 👤

Select 'Payments'

Step 2: Click on 'Billing Info'

Select payment method of choice

Step 3: Type in payment method information

Once you are finished, select 'Add payment method' or 'Agree and add bank'.

*To Remove Your Payment Method:

Select the payment method you want to delete by selecting 'Edit,' then 'Remove.'

Clocking In & Out (GPS feature)

This CareLinx feature helps both caregivers and families with time and attendance. The clock-in and clock-out feature:

  • Gives caregivers the ability to clock-in and clock-out to start and end their shift

  • Provides documentation of the caregivers work

  • Gives the family the visibility to see the caregivers location at the beginning and end of shift through our GPS tracking feature

You can easily view details from your caregivers clock-in or clock-out by going to your care plan or when you review each invoice. This will include the date, time and location where your caregiver clocked in or out. You can also view notes!

💡 Tip: Caregivers may forget to clock in or out for a shift, so we give them the ability to manually add/edit shifts to their timesheets. These hours will not have the features of the GPS tracking. So it's best to have your caregiver ALWAYS clock in & out, then you may verify their hours are accurate once you review an invoice.

Overtime & Holiday Pay

Household employers are not responsible for paying overtime or special rates on holidays, unless working on these days causes the caregiver (employee) to work over 40 hours in a workweek.

  • The U.S. Department of Labor defines the workweek as “a fixed and regularly recurring period of 168 hours — seven consecutive 24-hour periods. It need not coincide with the calendar week, but may begin on any day and at any hour of the day.”

  • We recommend that families negotiate their compensation rates with their caregivers. If the caregiver is taking the day off during a holiday employers are not required to pay for that day.

  • You should also be aware that in some states, like California, overtime is determined on a per day basis rather than a workweek total.

Payroll Taxes

The IRS has determined that hiring a caregiver classifies you as a “Household Employer.” To be more clear, the IRS states that In-Home Domestic Works are NOT independent contractors (1099). So as a household employer:

  • You are subject to employer tax responsibilities.

  • The IRS will require you to pay employer FICA taxes, while withholding their employee's portion of FICA taxes as well.

  • You may opt into pay their employee's portion of FICA, but 98% of employers do not.

  • If the employee's FICA taxes are not withheld, their employer is required to pay it for their caregiver.

  • FICA = Social Security (6.2% of total wages) Medicare (1.45% of total wages).

  • They must also pay employer FUTA and SUTA = Federal and State unemployment taxes (2-3% of total wages)

💡 Tip: CareLinx offers you an easy solution for managing your tax obligations (HWS)

*️⃣ If you DON'T decide for CareLinx's tax management partner (HWS) to withhold your employer and employee taxes for you, you can expect the IRS to obtain your employer taxes in the future. At that point, you will be responsible for paying your employer AND employee tax obligations and may run into tax fees if you don't address your taxes on time. Be sure to enroll in HWS or have a tax management resource. It's against domestic labor laws to avoid your employer taxes completely!

To learn more about your Household Employment Laws by State please click here.

ℹ️ If you are still having trouble or have any other questions, please send us an email at with a detailed description of your issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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