You have landed on this article to find out more information on how you can create a job post with CareLinx. We are more than happy to get you started, please see our simple steps below to find your future caregiver!

Step 1: Visit CareLinx!

Go to our CareLinx homepage or download our mobile app to get started.

Step 2: Care Recipient

Identify who you need a caregiver for and the care location, then select

Step 3: Care Needs

Let us know when and how long care is needed, then select 'Next'

Step 4: Health Conditions

This will help you find caregivers to match the appropriate experience and skills you're looking for, then select 'Next'

Step 5: Caregiver Services

Choose the type of tasks you want your caregiver to fulfill, then select 'Next'

Step 6: Caregiver Preferences

Choose the type of caregiver you are comfortable with, then select 'Next'

Step 7: Care Schedule

Determine if you require a flexible or fixed schedule, then select 'Next'

Step 8: Contact Info

Let's stay in touch for proper communication! Select 'Next' when finished

Step 9: Add a Password

Secure your CareLinx profile and click on the open box to complete your profile and job post. Select 'Finish' when this is complete

Step 10: Final Touches to Your Job Post

(You will be given the option to 'Skip for now' or 'Continue,' but we highly recommend you select 'Continue' to see and fill out the following information)

a) Keep note of your dedicated Care Advisor for direct assistance!

b) Set a reasonable budget to find the right caregiver for you.

c) Verify that you have an accurate job description so caregivers can see if they're interested in applying.

d) Interviews are a key part to finding the right caregiver, let us know your availability so we can setup interviews for you and potential caregivers.

We hope this helps you understand the beginning process. The next steps includes searching, messaging, and interviewing caregivers to ultimately lead you to hire! See this article below on how you can update your job post if changes need to be made:

How to: Edit, Add, or Delete a Job Post

ℹ️ If you are still having trouble or have any other questions, please send us an email at with a detailed description of your issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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