Below are questions families may have during the Kindly Care transition to CareLinx.


Can I continue to work with my caregivers?

  • Yes, the key benefit of activating your CareLinx account now is to ensure your caregivers are properly set up in time on CareLinx so you can continue to manage and pay your same caregivers without any interruption. 

Will I still be the employer of my caregivers?

  • Yes. Like Kindly Care, CareLinx is a marketplace where you are the direct employer of your caregivers.  

Do I need to go through another registration flow and re-hire all my caregivers again? 

  • There will be a simple acceptance flow for you to transition and create your account on CareLinx. Afterwards, CareLinx and Kindly Care will set up the transfer so all your caregivers will be ready to provide care for you. 

How will CareLinx receive our families' personal information? What information does that include? 

  • When you accept the terms to transfer your Kindly Care account to CareLinx, CareLinx will receive the relevant data to ensure your care can continue uninterrupted and properly hand your payroll and tax over to CareLinx. This information includes your contact information, payroll and tax details, past invoices, and care history with your caregivers. 


`What are some of the new features that CareLinx have?
Here are some more features you will enjoy with your CareLinx account:

  • A larger team with a dedicated Care Advisor to ensure you are happy with your care and if needed, find more caregivers from our larger network.

  • $5 million in professional liability insurance.

  • Award-winning service trusted by families nation-wide, including AARP’s Home Care Partner of Choice for 35 Million Members. 

  • Location-based clock-in & clock-out.

  • Shift reminders for your caregivers.

  • Digital care plans to track daily tasks.

  • Secure real-time messaging to chat and share photos and videos.

  • Get Lyft rides for transportation.

  • Flexible payment schedule + your caregivers can get paid within a few business days.

  • Care Academy allows for your caregiver to continue their professional development! 

Liability and Insurance

Am I bonded and insured through CareLinx? 

  • All care provided by caregivers hired on CareLinx platform are covered with $5 million in professional liability insurance.  

Does CareLinx cover Workers Compensation for my caregiver?

  • Like Kindly Care, CareLinx does not cover Workers Compensation for your caregivers. We have partners that can help you obtain Workers’ Compensation insurance in various states. 

Cost and Taxes

Will I pay more with CareLinx?

  • At Kindly Care, clients pay between 20-25% service fees depending on whether you have live-in caregivers.  CareLinx service fee is 20% on your invoice amount. If you have questions about your fees, please reach out to us.

Is CareLinx going to manage my employment taxes? 

  • CareLinx, through its tax management provider, HomeWork Solutions (HWS) will manage and file your household employment taxes. Like with Kindly Care, we will ensure you are in compliant with federal and state household employment taxes. This employment tax management service is included as part of our standard fees. The majority of you are already using HWS through Kindly Care, so the transition will be seamless. For others, CareLinx will help you with the simple enrollment process.  

Do I need to enroll with Homework Solutions again?

  • If you are already enrolled in HWS, there is no need to re-enroll. You just need to agree to let CareLinx manage your employment taxes with HWS when you activate your CareLinx account. 

Do you run background checks on Caregivers? 

  • Yes. Like Kindly Care, CareLinx runs background checks on caregivers before you hire them. For caregivers who are already background checked at Kindly Care, CareLinx will accept their background check report so there is no need to rerun them before you start on CareLinx. 

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